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IT Financial Management


In any successful modern business the IT spend forms a significant portion of the total expenses. It takes experienced people with proven methodologies to analyse these expenses to ensure best price is paid and at the same time to maximise the service delivery based on the chosen (cost) structure.
Following an accepted ITIL-based IT Financial Management (ITFM) strategy provides confidence in ensuring that best practice is applied to: internal controls, efficient processing, procure to pay process and the cost allocation structure resulting in maximum return on investment (ROI).

Specific focus areas are typically:
• Enforcing compliance with corporate policy
• Financial support and coaching of non-financial technical managers
• Project accounting for capex projects
• Budget support and guidance

In short IT Financial Management brings together the core financial management skills and applies them in the dynamic ICT world to ensure IT assets and resources are used efficiently.


Benchmark against other SA organisations. The objectives of benchmarking are to determine what and where improvements are called for, to analyze how other organisations achieve their high performance levels, and to use this information to improve performance.


Understanding all cost drivers, budgets, benchmarks and identification of wasteful or unnecessary expenditure. Designing and implementing a savings programme.


Information and technology contracts are complex. Pricing, licensing, maintenance and audit clauses make it difficult to understand whether you will in fact receive the value you hope to. GMC works with customers to ensure they receive the correct value, terms and conditions.


Software applications designed to manage IT finances, assets, (costs, budgets, planning, service quality) and contracts (contract renewals, warranty expiration, and other key contract milestones as part of a proactive risk management strategy).

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